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MEDIT i600

The brain of the i700 with a more colorful exterior!

With the new generation entry-level scanner of the market-leading Medit family, you can digitize your usual processes quickly and easily. Improved scanning speed, greater accuracy and continuous software updates can all help change your everyday life. Your patients can get a more complete picture of the intervention process.

Medit i600_prospective A_2x_edited.png
up to 2x faster than the i500
pull-out connector
weight 245g
colorful exterior
reversible head

MEDIT Plug & Scan

Unlike most scanners on the market, the Medit i700 can be connected directly to a computer using a single cable, without a power supply or extra cables.

The new feature of the Medit i700 improves mobility and maintenance. (Minimum system requirement: Type C USB / USB power supply 5A, 3V power supply) 

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